Specialist Finishes

With 15 years of experience in the surface design industry, our team of Fine Finishers and Decorative Artists have extensive knowledge in a vast array of specialist finishes.

Whether you have a clear design concept or are unsure of the best approach needed we can work with you to create the perfect, bespoke finish for your setting. Our specialist finishes can be utilised in copious ways including; decorative art pieces, high-end furniture, wall panelling, flooring and renovation and restoration projects to name but a few. 

If you want to discuss your project further, or cannot see the finish for you within our gallery, please contact us and we will be delighted to discuss possibilities with you.

Wood finishes

We can bring out the beauty of any wooden surface using a multitude of techniques. Working on everything from individual pieces of furniture to fully panelled rooms, we can craft the perfect surface to compliment your interior design scheme.

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Distressed Finishes

Our distressed finishes tell a story through the beauty of imperfection and character that a piece would normally acquire over many years. Brand new décor can achieve the feel of genuine age, charm and history using one of our sensitively applied techniques.

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Liquid Metal Finishes

Hand sculpted by our Decorative Artists, our striking decorative Liquid Metal Finishes combine the aesthetics and lustre of genuine metal with the texture and versatility of paint. Even when practicality and budget restrict the use of cast metal, a decorative Liquid Metal Finish can be applied.

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Modern Lacquer finishes

We adeptly utilise a variety of modern lacquer finishes to provide durability and resilience along with the option of additional lustre to your finished surface or furniture.

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Gilded finishes

The delicate application of precious metal leaf can create a wondrously versatile and striking array of surface designs. We use both water and oil gilding techniques on a variety of mediums such as three-dimensional objects (carvings / sculptures), cracked gesso, Verre Églomisé, large scale panelled rooms etc.

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Decorative Paint Effects

Create the illusion of ancient stonework, or a unique statement piece with one of our decorative paint effects.

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Restoration of antique and modern furniture

With many years expertise and understanding, we can sensitively restore both antique and modern furniture to its former, rightful glory.

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French polishing

French Polishing has endured the centuries due to its classic beauty and rich, warm lustre, sitting in concord in both modern and traditional interior design schemes.

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Faux Shagreen tiles

Our beautifully luxurious Faux Shagreen Tiles add a touch of classic glamour to any piece. Suitable for use on furniture, wall tiling or as decorative art pieces. Available in custom colour schemes and finishes to compliment your interior design scheme.

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Large scale projects

We have the capacity and expertise to finish large-scale projects such as panelled rooms and libraries, complete with flooring and have extensive knowledge in this area.

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Whatever your inspiration, our artists can awaken your vision.

If you cannot see the finish that you desire within our gallery, we will be happy to work with you to create something entirely new. Please contact us to discuss your project further.