As many in the creative industry know, surface design can often be regulated and restricted by budget and location, however, our unique artworks are the pure expression of Luke throwing away the restraints of this limitation, truly indulging in his own creativity and versatility of the gesso medium.

Every artwork is a harmonious combination of the technical, angular forms of geometric shapes balanced with the fluid, organic, untamedness of natural gesso cracks.

Each art panel can be handsomely framed in our chocolate walnut strip frame, POA

Artworks are also available by commission, please contact us to discuss how we can evoke your inspiration to create the perfect statement piece for your setting. 

“There is nothing more hands-on than the feeling of the gesso bending and cracking at my fingertips. It is so tactile, without the disconnect of a brush or tool I feel truly connected to the piece both creatively and physically.” Luke Black
Flos Auream
Lotus Moon
White Ripple

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