Specialist Finishing & Decorative Arts

Specialist Finishing and Decorative Arts, in our beautiful home county of Shropshire.

We work directly with the end client and in partnership with a wide variety of respected interior and furniture designers, architects and artists to bring out the beauty in any surface, crafting elegant traditional finishes alongside modern, cutting-edge effects. 

Experimentation and development is our passion - we thrive on bringing surfaces to life with new texture, colour, and our own artistic flair. We continuously create new, exciting and unique finishes designed to inspire and enthuse. 

With 20 years experience in the surface design industry, our team of Specialist Finishers and Decorative Artists have extensive knowledge in a vast array of specialist finishes

Specialist Finishes

Our cracked gesso can be exquisitely applied to individual items of furniture, decorative art pieces and as custom fitted large-scale decorative wall panelling.

Cracked Gesso

Every artwork is a harmonious combination of the technical, angular forms of geometric shapes balanced with the fluid, organic, untamedness of natural gesso cracks.


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